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UnderOak Dome Closed Desert Blooms Observatory
Benson, Arizona
UnderOak Observatory
Morris County, New Jersey

Welcome to the UnderOak and Desert Blooms Observatory Website!
You have connected to a website that is dedicated to the purely scientific and artistic endeavors of a dedicated amateur astronomer.  UnderOak is a privately owned backyard observatory (SkyShedPOD XL3) in Morris County (NJ) that has been in operation since Sept 2007. In May 2017, a companion observatory (Desert Blooms Observatory) in Arizona came on line which has dramatically expanded the number of possible variable targets. This website contains a wide range of solar, lunar, planetary and deep-sky images taken over the past 10+ years.  Equally important, along with presenting the light curves produced from photometric (BVRcIc) studies of variable star systems and minor planets, the underlying phased differential magnitude data are available for public use.  The acquisition of a Deep Sky Spectrograph (DSS-7) has expanded the repertoire of investigations that can be made on stars, planetary objects, and nebulae. Requests for data or images as well as comments or questions about the website contents can be sent directly to (Last revision: 13March2022)

SW Lac

IC4593 Emission Spectrum