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SkyShed POD Dome Closed UnderOak Observatory
Morris County, New Jersey

Binary Star Research

 OO Aquila

  • 2005 - Clear Filter

  • 2008 - B,  V, and I
OO Aql Light Curve (Cl)
OO Aql (Bf)OO Aql (Vf)OO Aql (If)

 SW Lacerta

  • 2005 - V and R
SW Lacerta (Vf)SW Lacerta (Rf)


  • 2005 - Clear filter
UX UMa (Cl)

 EQ Tau

  • 2006 - V and R
EQ Tau (Vf)EQ Tau (Rf)

Requests for phased light curve data can be submitted directly to